Rochester Paving and Sealing Contractors

When it comes to living in, working in, or visiting Rochester, New York, you certainly will not be searching for things to do or landmarks to visit. Whether you are a fan of nature and the outdoors or simply like unique architecture, Rochester has plenty to spark your interest.

You may be intrigued by the Pont de Rennes Bridge, City Hall’s contribution to the lovely and historic architecture of downtown Rochester, Saint Michael’s Church and Christ Church, White Lady’s Castle, and even the elaborate tombstones of the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. For those hoping to connect with nature, Susan B. Anthony Square Park and Finger Lakes can provide a wealth of enjoyment.

When you are not spending time exploring the sights of Rochester, NY, you may be at your home or business. Most homeowners and business owners take great pride in keeping the exterior of their homes and offices meet their own standards of beauty and professionalism. This most certainly includes the appearance of your driveway and/or parking structure. If your paved area is showing significant signs of age, blemishes, or cracks, contact the parking area and driveway sealing experts at Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating.

Western NY Sealing and Asphalt Paving

The paved areas in and around your home or business help to create a very particular aesthetic. A well-maintained driveway free from cracks or blemishes can prevent the lowering of the property values of your home and those in your neighborhood. Having an attractive exterior for your home is sure to impress all those who visit you and make your neighbors happy that you are in the neighborhood.

For businesses, your parking area or driveway is the first aspect of your company that customers will see. If they are impressed by the exterior of your business, they will come in already expecting that your company will provide them quality work because you care about every detail of your business. A brand new driveway or a parking lot with fresh seal coating can certainly help to emphasize the professionalism of your business.

Residential and Commercial Services

At Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating in Rochester, NY, we are dedicated to helping residents and companies in the area maintain the aesthetics of their homes and offices by providing exceptional commercial and residential services. Our expert contractors have ample experience and skills in asphalt paving, blacktop sealcoating, maintenance, and repairs to ensure your driveway or parking lot always looks great!

Residential Services for Homeowners

When residents in Rochester, NY, are in need of asphalt paving or sealing services and want a company that can guarantee a fantastic job, the only name in the business is Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating. We have been serving the Rochester area since 2003 and are committed to providing high-quality work for asphalt repairs, paving, and sealing.

After years of wear and tear from tons of pressure from vehicles, your home’s driveway may need a pick-me-up to maintain its pristine look. From crack filling to re-paving the asphalt and much more, our team uses the best possible materials in the industry as well as the latest technology and paving techniques. We always strive to do a great job for all of our clients as well as provide cost-effective services.

Commercial Services for Your Company

Driveways and parking lots are an integral factor that contributes to the aesthetic of a company. After years of use and damage from snowplows and salt, your driveway or parking lot may be in need of repairs, crack filling or maintenance.

At Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating in Rochester, NY, we understand the importance of a parking lot for companies, and we are committed to helping your business look great from the outside. We are proud to offer the following services at a great price:

Whatever your business need when it comes to your driveway or parking lot, you can rely on an asphalt and concrete contractor from Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating for your next job.

Eliminate the Cracks in Your Asphalt Driveway with Our Asphalt Paving and Sealing Services

Cracks in your driveway or parking area not only look unappealing but may also pose a hazard to those individuals who will be driving on it. Even small cracks can eventually turn into large issues, so it is important that you contact an asphalt contractor who can help you re-pave, seal, or repair your driveway before they become a more serious problem.

When you see cracks or issues begin to develop in the asphalt driveway, you may think that waiting a few weeks before you begin to look for a repair company is ok. However, those weeks can quickly turn into a few months and then years! By that point, the small concrete cracks have gone rogue and become a serious problem. Stop them before that happens and invest in experienced asphalt paving and sealing services from Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating.

Need Professional Driveway Sealing? Contact Our Experts for Asphalt Repairs and Maintenance

If you are a homeowner or the owner/operator of a local company in Rochester, NY, and you are in need of exceptional asphalt repairs, sealcoating, or driveway maintenance, contact the experts at Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating. We are dedicated, as was our founder Shawn Grimes, to providing the highest quality services to everyone who needs us in the Rochester area.

Our team understands the importance of your driveway and parking lot when it comes to the aesthetics of your structure as well as the safety of everyone who drives on it. Whether it is a surface repair job or a complete re-paving job, we will make sure you are fully satisfied with our commercial or residential work.

If you have a house project in mind or are considering having your company’s parking lot sealed, contact Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating at 585-544-4372. We are happy to provide a free estimate of the cost of your job and will talk you through the benefits of an investment in your paved area as well as all aspects of the process. Call us today to talk with a member of our experienced crew and get started on your asphalt project as soon as possible!