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Installing an asphalt driveway offers several benefits, from increasing your home’s curb appeal to providing a smooth parking space. However, considering the daily wear and tear that results from constantly driving your pickup truck on it, or your kids and their friends riding bikes and doing tricks, it may not stay that way forever. Here are a few reasons why allowing a paving company to upgrade your driveway is a great investment.

1. Add To Your Home’s Value

Whether you intend to sell your home and move or plan to stay put for a while, upgrading your driveway can significantly increase its value. Your home’s exterior is equally as important as the interior, and a good-looking driveway adds about 5% to your property’s value. Instead of constantly patching your old driveway, get out of this cycle by upgrading it for a long-term solution.

2. Visually Appealing

The aesthetic designs of driveways and the techniques paving companies employ in their work have also improved significantly. With all the surface possibilities available today, you can find something to complement your home.

3. Improved Safety

Weed-infested gravel, hole-filled tarmac, and cracked paving stones look unsightly and pose significant safety hazards for those entering and leaving your home. Updating your driveway can eliminate these issues, increasing safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents. This benefit is part of the reason why the worldwide asphalt market is expected to grow at a 5.3% CAGR between 2023 and 2028, according to Expert Market Research.

4. Organized Parking

Upgrading your driveway can also solve your parking problem. If you have more cars than expected when initially installing your driveway, upgrading it will allow you to expand your parking space. However, you must hire reliable and seasoned paving companies to enjoy these benefits fully. They may provide recommendations on the best materials for your project and the patterns or shapes that’ll have the most impact. These professionals will ensure the new look complements the design of the rest of your house.

5. Increase Its Load Bearing Capacity

You probably pay little attention to your current driveway’s load-bearing capacity until the holiday season when you receive more visitors. Cracks can start showing at the time or shortly after your guests leave. In some cases, it may be possible to patch up cracks or resurface your driveway, but it won’t be of much help if it wasn’t designed with your current needs in mind. It’ll likely crack again in the near future. The ideal course of action at this point would be to upgrade your driveway.

Even if you’ve kept up with your driveway’s maintenance needs, you’ll eventually need to update it to meet your evolving needs. While it will involve a significant investment, doing this will provide several benefits, and you’ll make your money back on the ROI. Contact Northeastern Paving and Sealcoat today to schedule a consultation.