Concrete is a durable surface that is common in most homes in Rochester, NY. Though durable, concrete driveways do depreciate and develop cracks over time. Cracks may occur soon after installation or develop after some time. Several reasons and circumstances cause cracks to develop on concrete driveways.

Types of driveway cracks in Rochester

  • Plastic shrinkage cracks – Plastic state is when concrete is full of water before hardening. The water takes up space making the slab a certain size. As the slab loses water while curing it shrinks. Due to the rigidity of concrete, shrinking makes the concrete slab develop stress. This causes the slab to crack to relieve the tension therein. Too much stress on the driveway can cause the slab to completely break apart. This is very common when pouring concrete in hot temperatures.
  • Expansion cracks – These happen as a result of hot weather. Like anything else, concrete expands in hot temperatures. The expanding process pushes against objects on its paths such as adjacent slabs or brick walls. If these objects along the path are unable to flex with the expansion, a crack will occur.
  • Heaving cracks – These are cracks that develop as a result of ground movement. This movement usually happens during the cycle of freezing and thawing. During cold winter, frozen areas can rise to several inches. It settles back again when thawing when summer comes around. Tree roots can also cause heaving which is a problem for more homeowners than you think.
  • Settling cracks – These occur when the stamped concrete is settling over a recent void.
  • Overloading cracks – This happens when you place a very heavy object on a concrete slab while doing your concrete driveway repair. Concrete is a strong material but it has its limits in terms of load-bearing. This usually happens when the areas beneath the concrete have become soft due to extreme weather.
  • Premature drying cracks – This is when crazing cracks appear as a result of concrete losing moisture very quickly.

Are cracks on the concrete driveway normal?

When a contractor is pouring concrete on your driveway they put joints. Contractors need to place these joints when the cement is still wet. The joints or seems are there to direct the cracks towards them instead of occurring through the field. Even if your contractor does this, it is not a money-back guarantee to the homeowners that no cracks will ever appear. Cracks on concrete driveways occur anywhere at any time whether you live in Sterling Heights or Rochester Hills.

Having cracks on the driveway is a very normal thing. You may try to avoid this by employing the services of soil experts or engineers to avoid cracks. The truth is this also is no guarantee. Cracks on driveways are normal unless the cracks are excessive or occur soon after installation.

How do I stop my driveway from cracking?

Concrete is among the most durable building materials that are a favorite of many contractors. It is ideal for constructing driveways, pool decks, patios, sideways, and many similar things. When doing a concrete project correctly it can remain strong and look good for many years. To do this you must avoid the common mistakes many make during and after pouring the concrete. Cracks are prone to intrusion by water which can make it worse. This happens when the water expands and contracts when it freezes and thaws. Water can also seep through the cracks and into the soil beneath the driveway. This causes liquefaction in the soil which exacerbates the problem and numerous concrete repair projects.

There are several ways to stop your concrete driveway area from cracking. These are:

  • Adding control joints – Even if you allow your concrete driveway to properly cure after pouring, it may still crack. This is because of the water that disappears in the hydration process. For this reason, it is important to add control joints. Control joints are weak spots that you cut intentionally into the slab of your driveway to pre-empt future cracks. They direct the cracks towards them instead of them occurring on the larger body of the property. There are three ways of adding control joints. You can use concrete grooving tools to ply the concrete when still wet. You can insert expansion joint strips of flexible wood when pouring the concrete. Lastly, you can cut the joints a day after pouring them using a concrete saw blade.
  • Properly curing the concrete – Concrete usually takes 28 days to cure completely. During this time is something you need to do in the first few days. The concrete binding agent cement cures gradually. It has to retain moisture for it to reach its full strength. To minimize the risk of cracks in the concrete, spray it with water every day for the first week. The amount of water you use will depend on the weather of the day.
  • Compacting the base – You must have a compact base before mixing the concrete that you will use. Without a compact base, a void will develop under the concrete driveway which will eventually develop cracks.
  • Using enough water – Using too much water in the concrete mix makes it weak heightening the chances of cracks. The mixture must neither be too watery nor too dry.
  • Using reinforcements – Concrete is strong on its own but you can make it stronger with come steel reinforcements. Do this by adding rebar in grid patterns sitting approximately halfway through the concrete slab.

Should driveways and concrete slab cracks be sealed?

You need to seal the cracks on your driveway to prevent any further damage. This should be part of the ongoing maintenance of your driveway. You must perform this sort of maintenance regularly. Some concrete repair companies offer crack sealing as a part of their after-sales customer satisfaction service package. Periodical sealing of your driveway and patio prolongs its life. Most contractors in Rochester, NY, recommend that you do this concrete driveway repair approximately every three years.

The best time to work on your driveway or patio repair is between May and October in Rochester NY. This varies from place to place. Ensure that there are no chances of precipitation on the day you pick to do the project. This is because the seal coat needs an estimate of 12 hours without disturbance from the elements to cure properly.

Contact a concrete contractor in Rochester, NY

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Your driveway is probably one of the most important features of your home. It is the first feature that anyone will see as they drive to your home. In essence, the state of your driveway gives a clear impression of the state of your compound or your residence.

Having high-quality driveway sealing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of protecting and enhancing the lifespan of your driveway. Again, remember your driveway will remain susceptible to the elements of wear and tear particularly from the moving vehicles and weather conditions.

Similarly, the quality of asphalt used to construct your driveway will also speak volumes about its lifespan and susceptibility to erosive conditions. Sealing your driveway at regular intervals could be the only sure way to ensure that it is adequately protected and well-positioned to last longer and reduce deterioration.

Here are the top reasons why you should seal a driveway with the right driveway sealer.

Sealing extends your driveway’s lifetime

Practically speaking, the seal you add to your driveway gives it a great protective layer. It acts as a shell that cushions the driveway from elements of destruction. These driveway sealer protections make sealing a perfect way of extending your driveway’s longevity. It helps you to push back against a crack in your driveway properly and helps you move onto ensuring that traffic or other factors do not have your curb.

It will save you from the exorbitant repair costs

Like other outer spaces, your driveway suffers direct exposure to arrange of destructive conditions. Sealing gives the driveway an extra cushioning shell that will protect it from these elements. In essence, an unsealed driveway is most likely to present with potholes and cracks with time.

Ask anyone experienced with asphalt driveways and they’ll confess that it is both painful and very expensive to institute continuous repairs. Similarly, you may have no option but to institute a complete do-over if you take too long to initiate the repairs.

What if you had a thing that would save you all these costs? Well, an asphalt driveway seal will give you a lifetime service if done professionally. You will only need to seek the services of an experienced asphalt driveway maintenance specialist to get things rolling.

It protects your asphalt driveway from adverse environmental cycles

Have you ever heard of the water cycle or the freeze-thaw cycle? Well, these are adverse environmental cycles that will have detrimental effects on your driveway. Technically speaking, an unprotected driveway or a parking lot left unsealed will be essentially vulnerable to adverse weather cycles that are associated with freeze and thaw actions.

The cracks on your unprotected concrete or asphalt driveway areas will take in a significant amount of water in the winter. The problem worsens when the water absorbed freezes. In essence, water tends to expand as it freezes to gain a solid state.

Remember that this process is taking place in the driveway cracks. Frozen water causes the cracks to expand and extend. This increases the volume of the cracks in the concrete or asphalt and may lead to other forms of damage.

A seal coating with a driveway sealer is everything you will need to prevent these menaces. The driveway seal will enter into the small cracks to prevent the seeping effect.

Water on the surface of the driveway sealing will encounter a free flow and will be perfectly prevented from freezing inside the cracks.

The seal minimizes the heating effects of the sun

The sun is probably one of the toughest erosive forces when it comes to the wellbeing of your driveway. It bears repeating, the sun is the greatest threat to the structural wellbeing of your driveway.

Remember, the sun will be available all year round. This shows why it won’t only be a threat in the summer seasons.

Your dermatologist will recommend that you wear some sort of sunscreen both in summer and winter. What about your driveway? You will need to seal your driveway to fill any voids on its surface while giving the asphalt the protection it needs all year round.

Sealing will help you give your asphalt driveway a brand new and beautiful look

Imagine the shiny black color that will be left on your driveway’s asphalt after you are done with the sealing process. In essence, sealing does not only boost the appearance of your driveway’s asphalt but will also enhance the overall presentation of your property.

You only need to remember that the condition of your driveway will speak volumes about the overall appearance of your home since it is the first feature you will see before the home. The sealing on your driveway will also leave it with a smooth and nonporous surface that will make it easy for rain to wash away any debris and dirt. This leaves the driveway surface with a clean look.

It is everything you’ll need to minimize destruction from auto fluids

You might be thinking that asphalt is a sort of black concrete. Well, you are wrong. In the real sense, asphalt is a petroleum product with the ability to dissolve the oils and gases contained in automotive fluids. Remember that the asphalt used on your driveway grows weaker and more susceptible to cracks as it continues to dissolve the automotive fluids.

However, you may prevent such issues by installing perfect sealing on your driveways. In essence, the seal will allow you to clean up the automobile fluid spills with utmost ease while protecting the inner layers of the asphalt from direct contact with these materials.

To date, sealing has been proven the cheapest way to extend the lifetime of your driveway. You don’t need to worry about cracks and periodic repair costs if you have a professionally done sealant on your driveway. Moreover, you will only need to apply a single layer of the sealant to keep things under your control.

However, be keen to ensure that your timing is perfect any time you want to apply sealing on your asphalt driveways. Remember, this is not a job for all seasons. Spring and fall could be the perfect periods of the year to instill the sealing as it needs a rain-free day with temperatures above 50 degrees. Of course, many areas have heavy rain periods during the spring season. So the right season or week will vary based on the area.

If well done, a seal coating on your driveway should last for three years or more.

Do you want a sealing done on your driveway? Consult the Sealcoating Experts at Northeastern Sealcoat in Monroe, NY! Our representatives understand the value of protection via surface sealers and will ensure to use an asphalt driveway sealer to add a layer of safety to your driveway.

Our experts know how to leave you with a job well done when it comes to your driveway surfaces. They will use the right washer to a broom or other tools like a squeegee to ensure that everything is up to par. Of course, we understand that your grass surfaces must also be left alone and ensure that our coats and site services do not detract from your home.

Reach out to us to find out how we use our asphalt sealer to ensure a job well done within 48 hours.

The first impression people get about your home says a lot about who you are. A beautiful, perfectly done asphalt driveway is an excellent first expression to your guests. Thus, you should always ensure that your driveway is in perfect condition.

When it comes to residential driveways, you should go for the best services at affordable fees. Additionally, inadequate drainage systems can damage your driveways, thus serving you for a shorter period. On the other hand, based on where you live, you may feel that porous asphalt is the best choice for your driveway.

Whichever the case, ensure that you schedule with a company that suits your paving needs. That way, you will have no regrets when they are finally done.

You may be wondering what exactly is the sealcoating and asphalt paving process? How will you know it is time to sealcoat your driveway or call in contractors for asphalt paving your driveway? How much do asphalt paving and sealcoating a driveway cost?

What is Asphalt Paving?

Black shiny pavement is attractive whether it is in commercial parking lots, business driveways, or residential driveways. Asphalt is a mixture of stone and sand. Liquid petroleum is used as a binding agent. 

The binder layer unites the materials while allowing the asphalt to be flexible, thus producing a smooth asphalt surface. Its flexibility is an essential factor in adapting to various weather conditions such as snow and rain.

Asphalt is used to make pavements and driveways from the bare ground. Additionally, it is also used in repairs to seal large potholes. Not only is an asphalt driveway beautiful, but it is also easy to maintain.

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating, like the name suggests, refers to coating a surface. Unlike asphalt, which is used to make pavements, sealcoating is used for maintenance. Therefore once the asphalt contractors are done with the installation, the next step is for your driveway to be sealcoated.

Sealcoating involves applying a specially formulated liquid to a surface. When the liquid dries, it hardens, sealing the top layer and being a protective layer against water, substances, and sun damage.

When Should You Decide To Repair Your Pavement or Install a New Asphalt Surface?

Although repairing asphalt paving may appear cheaper at times, it is more viable to recycle the existing asphalt and install a new pavement. A good example is when your pavement has large holes and your efforts at having them repaired don’t bear fruits. 

On the other hand, if your driveway is not very damaged you can choose an asphalt overlay. This is a cheaper option than full depth construction, especially for commercial paving or game courts.

A good drainage system is the backbone of a long-lasting asphalt pavement. Thus if you realize that your pavement was built on top of an interior drainage system, you should budget for  installing asphalt afresh

Benefits Of Sealcoating

By sealcoating, you are simply covering your driveway with a protective layer. Therefore asphalt driveways that have been sealcoated are more durable than those exposed to natural elements.

Therefore, you may end up spending more money if you seal the coat than if you just left the asphalt pavement bare. But in the long run, chemicals and rain will not reach the asphalt fast; thus, your driveway will retain its beauty for longer.

Sealcoating also seals tiny holes that may have been left during paving. Additionally, sealcoating reduces friction, thus making your driving on the driveway or parking lot a lot smoother!

Benefits of Asphalt Pavement Installation and Repairs 

Apart from making your home or business beautiful and attractive, asphalt pavements also improve the value of your property. Additionally, unlike a grassy area, a pavement is safer and germ-free; thus, your kids are safe when playing.

Moreover, by constantly repairing your asphalt pavement, you are saving yourself money. If not well taken care of, you will be forced to re-install your pavement which is way more expensive.

On the other hand, if you notice your pavement has cracks and small holes, it is time you sought the services of sealcoating companies. Apart from sealing the cracks and small holes, sealcoating ensures that your asphalt pavement is protected from chemicals such as oil spills and water.

Asphalt Paving Cost

Although there is an average price for paving, the factors listed below will determine how much your project will cost you.

Existing surface

What is the state of the area you need to install your driveway? If it does not require special equipment to prepare the asphalt surface, you will likely be charged less. Thus this is advantageous to people living in soft areas.

Square foot

What is the area you want asphalt installed? The larger the size of the asphalt driveway, the more the materials used; thus, the more you spend.


Apart from asphalt, other materials are needed, especially at the sub base. A good example is gravel which is laid at the foundation of the pavement, parking lots, or playgrounds; concrete is also used. Thus the costs and amount of these materials will affect your project’s total cost.

Distance to the nearest asphalt industry

How far from a hot asphalt plant is the site location? Transferring asphalt for the plant to the site is also a factor to consider when deciding on asphalt pavement. Additionally, the asphalt mix you choose is also essential. The reason is cold mix asphalt is cheaper to transport than hot mix asphalt.

Company and project managers

Asphalt installation contractors charge varying prices for their services. That is why you should choose a company that charges you less without compromising on quality.

Get Quality Expert Paving and Sealcoating Services in Rochester, NY

Northeastern Paving and Sealcoat company offers expert services that are unrivaled in Rochester, NY. We use high-quality materials in paving asphalt and we guarantee you that we will deliver quality, timely results if you choose to work with us. Additionally, our contractors are courteous, and they will call you 24 hours in advance before our scheduled meeting time. Moreover, in unforeseen circumstances such as storms or a blizzard, we will contact you and reschedule to a later time for asphalt paving.

Additionally, we will always give you a free quote to budget for your next project and set aside the required funds. We also follow EPA best practice paving and we are fully insured therefore you don’t have to worry about

So what is holding you back, reach out to us and work with the best contractors in the industry for all your sealcoating or asphalt paving projects! We will get the job done on time and within your budget.