Sealcoating driveway

Your driveway is probably one of the most important features of your home. It is the first feature that anyone will see as they drive to your home. In essence, the state of your driveway gives a clear impression of the state of your compound or your residence.

Having high-quality driveway sealing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of protecting and enhancing the lifespan of your driveway. Again, remember your driveway will remain susceptible to the elements of wear and tear particularly from the moving vehicles and weather conditions.

Similarly, the quality of asphalt used to construct your driveway will also speak volumes about its lifespan and susceptibility to erosive conditions. Sealing your driveway at regular intervals could be the only sure way to ensure that it is adequately protected and well-positioned to last longer and reduce deterioration.

Here are the top reasons why you should seal a driveway with the right driveway sealer.

Sealing extends your driveway’s lifetime

Practically speaking, the seal you add to your driveway gives it a great protective layer. It acts as a shell that cushions the driveway from elements of destruction. These driveway sealer protections make sealing a perfect way of extending your driveway’s longevity. It helps you to push back against a crack in your driveway properly and helps you move onto ensuring that traffic or other factors do not have your curb.

It will save you from the exorbitant repair costs

Like other outer spaces, your driveway suffers direct exposure to arrange of destructive conditions. Sealing gives the driveway an extra cushioning shell that will protect it from these elements. In essence, an unsealed driveway is most likely to present with potholes and cracks with time.

Ask anyone experienced with asphalt driveways and they’ll confess that it is both painful and very expensive to institute continuous repairs. Similarly, you may have no option but to institute a complete do-over if you take too long to initiate the repairs.

What if you had a thing that would save you all these costs? Well, an asphalt driveway seal will give you a lifetime service if done professionally. You will only need to seek the services of an experienced asphalt driveway maintenance specialist to get things rolling.

It protects your asphalt driveway from adverse environmental cycles

Have you ever heard of the water cycle or the freeze-thaw cycle? Well, these are adverse environmental cycles that will have detrimental effects on your driveway. Technically speaking, an unprotected driveway or a parking lot left unsealed will be essentially vulnerable to adverse weather cycles that are associated with freeze and thaw actions.

The cracks on your unprotected concrete or asphalt driveway areas will take in a significant amount of water in the winter. The problem worsens when the water absorbed freezes. In essence, water tends to expand as it freezes to gain a solid state.

Remember that this process is taking place in the driveway cracks. Frozen water causes the cracks to expand and extend. This increases the volume of the cracks in the concrete or asphalt and may lead to other forms of damage.

A seal coating with a driveway sealer is everything you will need to prevent these menaces. The driveway seal will enter into the small cracks to prevent the seeping effect.

Water on the surface of the driveway sealing will encounter a free flow and will be perfectly prevented from freezing inside the cracks.

The seal minimizes the heating effects of the sun

The sun is probably one of the toughest erosive forces when it comes to the wellbeing of your driveway. It bears repeating, the sun is the greatest threat to the structural wellbeing of your driveway.

Remember, the sun will be available all year round. This shows why it won’t only be a threat in the summer seasons.

Your dermatologist will recommend that you wear some sort of sunscreen both in summer and winter. What about your driveway? You will need to seal your driveway to fill any voids on its surface while giving the asphalt the protection it needs all year round.

Sealing will help you give your asphalt driveway a brand new and beautiful look

Imagine the shiny black color that will be left on your driveway’s asphalt after you are done with the sealing process. In essence, sealing does not only boost the appearance of your driveway’s asphalt but will also enhance the overall presentation of your property.

You only need to remember that the condition of your driveway will speak volumes about the overall appearance of your home since it is the first feature you will see before the home. The sealing on your driveway will also leave it with a smooth and nonporous surface that will make it easy for rain to wash away any debris and dirt. This leaves the driveway surface with a clean look.

It is everything you’ll need to minimize destruction from auto fluids

You might be thinking that asphalt is a sort of black concrete. Well, you are wrong. In the real sense, asphalt is a petroleum product with the ability to dissolve the oils and gases contained in automotive fluids. Remember that the asphalt used on your driveway grows weaker and more susceptible to cracks as it continues to dissolve the automotive fluids.

However, you may prevent such issues by installing perfect sealing on your driveways. In essence, the seal will allow you to clean up the automobile fluid spills with utmost ease while protecting the inner layers of the asphalt from direct contact with these materials.

To date, sealing has been proven the cheapest way to extend the lifetime of your driveway. You don’t need to worry about cracks and periodic repair costs if you have a professionally done sealant on your driveway. Moreover, you will only need to apply a single layer of the sealant to keep things under your control.

However, be keen to ensure that your timing is perfect any time you want to apply sealing on your asphalt driveways. Remember, this is not a job for all seasons. Spring and fall could be the perfect periods of the year to instill the sealing as it needs a rain-free day with temperatures above 50 degrees. Of course, many areas have heavy rain periods during the spring season. So the right season or week will vary based on the area.

If well done, a seal coating on your driveway should last for three years or more.

Do you want a sealing done on your driveway? Consult the Sealcoating Experts at Northeastern Sealcoat in Monroe, NY! Our representatives understand the value of protection via surface sealers and will ensure to use an asphalt driveway sealer to add a layer of safety to your driveway.

Our experts know how to leave you with a job well done when it comes to your driveway surfaces. They will use the right washer to a broom or other tools like a squeegee to ensure that everything is up to par. Of course, we understand that your grass surfaces must also be left alone and ensure that our coats and site services do not detract from your home.

Reach out to us to find out how we use our asphalt sealer to ensure a job well done within 48 hours.