If installed properly and maintained, an asphalt surface can last up to twenty-five years. However, it will show signs of wear and tear as the years go by. To effectively treat and protect against asphalt damage, it’s important to understand the extent of wear and tear on the asphalt surface and identify which repair method will bring the best results. Winters can especially cause extensive damage to Asphalt, which could interfere with your pavement’s effectiveness. Luckily for Rochester residents, Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating remains the to-go-to paving contractor for large and small projects in Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas. We are prepared to deliver fast, professional, and on-budget asphalt paving services to every one of our customers who get the highest quality products available with clean, neat, and professional workmanship at a reasonable price.

How To Keep The Asphalt From Freezing

Prevention is no doubt better than cure, particularly before winter. Your asphalt pavement needs to be protected in the following ways to prevent freezing:

  • Hazards around your pavement could easily damage the asphalt surface. Thus it is prudent to relocate any shrubs or trees growing close since their roots could easily destroy the pavement, thus compromising the asphalt.
  • Lack of proper drainage is often disastrous to asphalt, and thus, one should ensure some space exists within two or three feet of the pavements to get rid of sod, thus ensuring the pavement surface stays dry and at no risk of freezing. You should also ensure no still water collects instead of draining properly since the effect is the same once rainwater starts to melt off.
  • During winter, the freeze-thaw approach has dire consequences, but it is still in use all over. Luckily, Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating has a team of experienced personnel that gets rid of the snow but keeps away from salt.
  • Water collection can result from the long-term packing of vehicles and trucks on your asphalt parking lot. Therefore, ensure the impressions do not create holes that collect water which ultimately freezes.
  • Rainwater that runs off the pavement can also have a disruptive long-term effect on the asphalt.
  • If you enjoy weather above 45 degrees, then it is the ideal time to apply protective seal coating on the asphalt pavements before the temperatures drop as the winter weather draws near.

Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating provides quality asphalt paving, driveway sealing, crack filling, asphalt repairs, and driveway installation for both residential and commercial. Hiring us as a professional company to do the job instead of you handling it by yourself will save you time allowing you to focus entirely on your business.

· Save you money because our professionals can get the job done perfectly, saving you from expensive repairs in the future.

· Delivery of superior results as we pay great attention to details, leaving you with a strong and durable parking lot.

·  We help ensure that your parking lot has enough spots for handicap-accessible vans and cars following guidelines as per the Americans with disabilities act.

Our maintenance services that help you keep the asphalt from freezing include;

Asphalt repair: Damage to asphalt surfaces usually happens when pooling water moisture penetrates potholes or cracks in the asphalt surface, freezing and expanding in winter. When the snow melts, it leaves even bigger cracks or potholes, causing further damage. Making repairs prevents this tendency since this is typical after the New York winter season, both unappealing and potentially unsafe terrain for pedestrians and vehicles. To properly do pothole repair and protect an asphalt area failing after the winter months, we saw, cut, and removed the damaged area. If necessary, more stones will be added and compacted in the pothole. Then the new asphalt is added, and power rolled to compaction. Our asphalt is fairly standard; we use the same aggregate as we do in our paving process for patching and pothole repair. Our hot mix asphalt is compacted and sealed to protect the asphalt from water infiltration.

Crack filling and crack sealing: crack filling is a durable and more permanent solution to fix deeper and wider cracks preventing debris from making its way into open cracks. It works by placing asphalt emulsion into crack formations that have been ignored for years to the extent that they cannot be bound back together by a simple sealant. In this situation, the cracks have probably drifted further apart and expanded deeper into the ground from the effects of pooling water freezing and expanding in the winter months, requiring a stronger and more durable mixture to bind them together. On the other hand, crack sealing is the first defense line to remedy minor cracks where standing water may sip in through. It is a method that professional asphalt contractors use to seal cracks that are just beginning to form. This technique works best for cracks that show very little deterioration and are less than ¾ of an inch wide.

Proper attention and making pothole repairs will prevent problems from spreading, doubling the life of the pavement. Pavement repairs in the early stages of deterioration will pay big dividends later by delaying costly resurfacing year-round. On driveways, we use trowel-grade crack filler.

On parking lot and roadways, we use a Crafco machine to apply our hot rubberized crack sealant. This machine heats the sealant to the right temperature and keeps it there. The machine has a wand and pump so the crack sealant is pumped through the wand and injected into the crack. The wand leaves a neat three-inch band on the surface of the pavement protecting the crack from water penetration. After the surface has been prepared, we will apply the filler to the crack and use a v-shaped squeegee to work the material into the crack leaving it with an even surface on the driveway.

Residential and commercial paving: for residential paving, Northeastern seal coat can install, replace or resurface your driveway and parking lot. We can also add or replace walkways, additions, and partial areas. Our process starts with excavating the ground or old pavement, placing and compacting stone layers, adding new asphalt layers, rolling and compacting the asphalt. We can install or replace parking lots, roads, walkways, and more for commercial paving. We have the right team to help from sales to completion from start to finish. We will work with you every step of the way.

Commercial sealcoating: we can apply the sealer by hand, with brooms, or by using a spray machine. We can apply for one or two coats. We will be happy to help you determine what would be best for your application at the estimated time.

What Can You Cover Asphalt With?

Sealcoating does make surfaces look smoother and easier to brush leaves and debris, plus shoveling snow in the New York winters. Our experts at Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating will save you money by extending the longevity of your pavement and beautifying your home. We begin seal coating by trimming along the parking lot’s perimeter with a power trimmer if necessary. Then we do a thorough cleaning on the entire surface with high power blowers, power brooms, and commercial grade wire brooms. Next, we will treat all gas and oil stains with high-quality oil spot primer. Once the pavement has been prepared properly, we will seal it with our high-quality commercial-grade sealer. When the sealer has dried, we will layout and apply all your pavement markings to follow the existing layout. If any changes are necessary, this must be presented to us at the estimated time. The visual bonus of asphalt driveway seal coating is the beautiful slate black look you get when it is completed. The advantages of sealcoating your asphalt driveway or parking lot include;

·  More than doubles the life of your asphalt

·  Protects against gas, oil, and salt damage

·  Protection from oxidation

· Protection from moisture

·  Beautifies pavement

·  Its cost-effective

Can Paving Be Done In The Winter?

Paving should be done when it’s hot outside, and It is not recommended to pave with cold temperatures during winter when there is snow. Asphalt paving projects utilize hot mix asphalt, which must remain hot to compact properly. Cold mix when there is snow will freeze and cannot be paved, so it will not work. The job should be done after snow removal or after the snow melts away in early fall or late spring.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Asphalt Paving?

At Northeastern Paving & Sealcoating Inc., we work when the weather is hot outside and as long as it’s above 50 degrees. It’s not the ideal time to pave when the snow starts to fall during the cold months.

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