asphalt replacement

Asphalt sealing is a process that involves applying a thin layer of seal coat to asphalt roads, driveways, and other surfaces. This sealing makes your driveway more durable and lasts longer. It also makes it look nicer and more polished. The sealant is a material made from coal tar or a mixture of asphalt cement with fillers and water that protects asphalt surfaces from UV damage, harsh weather, and water damage.

DIY Asphalt Sealing

While most people prefer to have their driveway asphalt sealed by a professional, some opt to do the work themselves. However, applying sealer requires skill and the right tools, such as a push broom, pressure washer, and garden hose.

Pros of DIY Sealing

You Can Start the Project At Any Time.

When doing DIY sealing, you can always begin when you are ready, as no other third parties are involved.

You Control the Output.

DIY sealing allows you to work at your pace and create your desired outcome. If you want the work done within a short time, you can work fast on the project and apply the asphalt sealer coat or wet sealer to your liking.

No Labor Costs

If your home has a small driveway or you need to apply a seal coat in a small area, doing it yourself could be a cheaper option.

It is a Fun and Easy Activity.

Applying a sealant is easy, fun, and satisfying unless your driveway or pavement is severely damaged. Many people like to seal their asphalt driveways with family and friends because it helps them get closer.

The Cons of DIY Asphalt Sealing

It is Labor-Intensive.

Asphalt sealing is a long, tedious process with various stages. It involves a lot of repair work for damaged driveways, heavy lifting, mixing sealant, and preparing materials, among other activities.

Asphalt Sealing Is Time-Consuming

From cleaning and repairing driveways to preparing and sealing them, asphalt sealing can take several hours, especially when done by one person.


Unless one is a professional, there is a high chance that you will spill the sealant on your clothes, skin, shoes, and other accidents may occur. Sealcoat and other elements utilized in this process can irritate skin and damage clothes.

Low-Quality Products

Without the help of a professional, one may buy and use ineffective, low-quality products and will need a second coat.

Low-Cost Saving

While DIY asphalt sealing requires little to no labor, one will still incur costs for materials and equipment. The amount of money saved for labor is minimal.

Poor Repairs

Repairing cracks and checking for other damage are crucial parts of asphalt sealing and require skills. If the cracks in the new asphalt driveway aren’t fixed well, they can cause more damage and cost more to fix and seal.

Professional Asphalt Sealing

Professional asphalt sealing involves hiring experts and contractors to seal your driveway.

Pros of Professional Asphalt Sealing.

High-quality Services

Asphalt sealing contractors are well-trained and experienced in applying sealing sealer to roads and driveways. A skilled asphalt driveway sealer knows the right seal coat to use on your driveway surface and has the tools and knowledge of different driveway sealing techniques.

It Takes Less Time.

Asphalt sealing can take too much time as it involves a long process. A team of professionals, on the other hand, can seal an entire driveway in less time.

Well-done Repairs

Asphalt sealing contractors can identify any damage that a homeowner may miss, like small cracks, erosion, and potholes. They also do quality repairs on these damaged surfaces, making them durable.

It Is Affordable

Professional sealing is very affordable, especially for homeowners with long asphalt driveways. It also saves the homeowner’s equipment costs as contractors have all the necessary tools.

Top-Quality Products

Experts in asphalt sealing are knowledgeable about the various materials and brands of seal coats. So, they can recommend and use good sealants that keep your driveway from getting damaged.

Cons of Professional Asphalt Sealing

  • Some contractors can be costly, making the project expensive.
  • Hiring professionals may take time as some contractors may be busy working on other projects.

How to Find a Reputable Asphalt Sealing Contractor to Seal Your Driveway

Those who have recently had their driveways paved or sealed will likely have recommendations for the best driveway sealing providers. To find a reliable service provider, talk to those you know and trust.

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