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If you want the greatest firm to fix your residential and commercial driveways, you’re here. Even for people who have owned their homes for a long time, it can be hard to find a driveway sealing contractor. Many local driveway sealing companies promise to deliver exceptional work. Here are some pointers for picking a commercial or residential sealcoating company in Rochester, NY.

Industry-Specific Accreditation and Compliance

First, hire a legally licensed, industry-accredited, and insured driveway seal coating contractor in Rochester, NY. The Monroe County Council certifies and approves Rochester and North Chili workers and companies that offer driveway paving care and repair services.

Visit the Monroe County website to verify your provider’s business license and approval to offer asphalt paving repair in Rochester. Make sure your contractor is insured to prevent fines and penalties for work-related accidents and injuries.

Work Crew Dependability

You should also make sure your locally owned driveway services provider has a reputable and professional workforce. When you can’t oversee a Rochester, NY sealing job yourself, dependability is key.

Your provider should perform background checks on its staff. Checking the provider’s employment compliance with the Rochester BBB can help ensure a reputable commercial asphalt sealing workforce. You can check if each crew member is qualified to pave and seal on the Monroe County website.

Extensive driveway sealing expertise

Even if your contractor and staff are certified, be sure they have asphalt driveway care experience. For an asphalt driveway in Rochester, NY, choose a company that offers paving and sealing services for residential and commercial businesses, such as:

By examining a Rochester provider’s website, testimonials, and recommendations, you may determine how good they are.

Significant Driveway Sealing Knowledge

While selecting a competent seal coating contractor offering different services is good, picking a provider with demonstrated competence is preferred. In this situation, ask each possible company about past asphalt sealing jobs.

This gives you access to information that enables you to judge and validates the true job skills and experience of Rochester, NY paving sealing firms, such as former customer contact information, before-and-after images, work permits, etc.

By picking a specialist contractor over a multi-service startup, you save money, time, and resources, reducing driveway repair and maintenance costs. Experienced teams from long-time Rochester contractors used resources wisely and completed jobs quickly.

Get an On-Site Quotation

Lastly, your decision to hire a particular driveway company ultimately depends on the expected cost of driveway sealing services. In this regard, Rochester contractors offer you free quotes on asphalt driveway seal coating and other sealing-related services via a web-based cost calculator or by calling customer care. But a general cost estimate like this often leaves out important details that have a big impact on the size of your driveway maintenance job.

An ideal solution to the above estimate shortcoming is to request a would-be contractor to conduct an on-site quotation. The provider then sends a work assessment crew to physically inspect and precisely determine your residential or commercial asphalt sealing job’s time, money, and resource requirements. So, a good cost estimate will help you hire a commercial contractor who will give you the best value for your money.

When looking to hire a commercial and residential seal coating company in Rochester, NY, these are the most important things to think about.

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Hiring Northeastern Sealcoat & Paving, Inc. means you will get an industry-accredited professional sealing contractor offering impeccable sealing services at the best rates in Rochester. With us, you get the best value for money, besides effectively boosting your residential or commercial property value.

We have a wealth of knowledge about this profession and unmatched expertise, so there is no driveway sealing project we cannot handle. We have highly trained and experienced asphalt paving and sealcoating contractors in Rochester, NY. We will do professional sealcoating on the entire surface of your commercial and residential driveway with new asphalt. If you have a long, complicated asphalt driveway, you can hire our line-stripping contractor for your business or home.

Our Rochester driveway contractors have expertise in creating catch basins that divert rainwater to sub-surface drainage channels. We can also do crack filling, which entails removing cracks in your parking lot using either new asphalt or a comparable composite asphalt sealer. Contact us at 585-544-4372 if you want information or on-site quotes about sealing asphalt driveways.