asphalt driveway

You have probably looked at asphalt driveways, concrete driveways, and concrete driveway costs. Of course, you are also looking at proper maintenance when it comes to asphalt driveway options as well.

Concerning concrete repairs in a commercial setting, which concrete patching products are the best? What construction process should one rely on for hot climates? Which one will deteriorate faster? Is one reasonably easy to install for parking lots or other commercial projects? Does one have a lower aesthetic appeal?

These are among the many questions you may have when touching asphalt or dealing with concrete for your commercial projects.

This article will help you decide which pavement type you should choose for your commercial project. Let us review the benefits of asphalt and concrete.

How to Choose the Right Type of Pavement for your Commercial Project?

It depends on the purpose of the pavement. Generally speaking, you can expect high traffic for commercial projects. You can consider certain factors before choosing the right pavement type for your commercial project.

  • Does it need to be durable?
  • Does it need to be weather-resistant?
  • What type of pavement was used before?
  • Is giving a comfortable driving experience for the users my priority?
  • Can you afford regular maintenance?

These questions will help you choose the type of pavement you want.

Concrete is expensive when compared to asphalt. But it is more resistant to surface deformation. Concrete uses easily available materials, whereas crude oil, used in asphalt, may not be easily available.

Remember that we are not looking at mere driveway material for driveway installation. We are looking at both asphalt and concrete for heavy-duty commercial projects.

Asphalt Pavement vs. Concrete for Commercial Paving Projects

Yes, it is. Being long-lasting, less costly, winter weather-resistant, smooth to drive on, easy to maintain, and recyclable is not something to neglect.

If you want to benefit from the above advantages, you should consider choosing asphalt pavement.

Why do we use Asphalt instead of Concrete? 

You use asphalt because of its durability, less cost, simple maintenance process, and materials. You use asphalt because it lasts for a long time and can handle high traffic density.

You can recycle used asphalt. Maintaining or refilling damaged asphalt is more accessible and less costly. The recycled asphalt is also durable as the new one.

Asphalt takes a shorter time to construct than concrete. You can have a comfortable and quieter driving experience due to the smoothness of the asphalt.

You will avoid splashing and spraying water during rainy seasons. You can have less damage and fewer accidents on your roads by using asphalt.

Benefits of Asphalt Paving 

The benefits of asphalt paving are better than concrete because of the materials it’s made of and the properties of the materials. The benefits are:

  • Long-lasting: Asphalt paving can last up to 20 years if it is regularly and properly maintained.
  • Less noise pollution: Driving on asphalt paving is less noisy than other types of pavings. It is suitable for your commercial paving project where a high traffic density is expected.
  • Fully recyclable: Whenever asphalt is maintained, the extra asphalt chunks can be used to fill other roads.
  • Winter weather resistant: Asphalt is more flexible than concrete which makes it resist harsh winter weather.
  • Markings are seen: Black asphalt makes markings more visible to drivers. This creates a road safer to drive on.
  • Cheaper than concrete: Asphalt price depends on the price of crude oil. Asphalt costs around $2-$4 per square foot, whereas concrete costs $4-$6 per square foot.

In general, you should thoroughly consider the purpose of the commercial pavement. And estimate your expectations of the performance of the pavement. You should also take into account the price you are willing to pay.

If you know what commercial pavement to function, then you can build your pavement using the right type.

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